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Derek and Gilbert with Twinner Brownies

Welcome to Fly Tying 123!  Whether its tying a tried and true classic, or creating a new work of art, you’ve come to the right place. Creativity, durability, and catchability are our focus with the flies we tie. One of our simplest goals is to tie the flies that catch the most fish. This site is a little nymph heavy for sure, but we figure that trout focus 95% of their feeding under the water’s surface, so we figured we would follow suit with out content. We are just a couple of addicted fly fishermen who love to tie our own flies. We are always searching for new patterns and new materials to bring to the tying bench.

Fly Tying 123 doesn’t simply focus on fly tying. We also share our fly fishing adventures from euro nymphing to sight fishing for tiger muskies. We hope that everyone that visits can find some sort of value in our site. Thanks for stopping by!


5 Responses to “About Us”

  • Simon Owens:

    Figure the guy has on a Tarheels hat, can’t go wrong with that ….

  • Darryl Rogers:

    Hello, Forgive me I don’t know you guys yet. I hope that will change. Which one of you created the Lickety Split?

    BTW, I do love this site! Keep up the good work sharing our sport!

  • dgtying:

    Hey Darryl, this is Gilbert. The Lickety Split is my pattern. It’s a fantastic pattern that catches more than it’s fair share of fish, and is very durable. We’re happy that you like the site, and appreciate the comments. FISH ON!

  • Brian:

    for the piggly wiggly, what squirrel do you use , natural what? gray, back or belly. Fox squirrel – same options. Probably does not matter but interested. Prefer answer to my email

  • dgtying:

    Wapsi Natural Fur Dubbing in the Gray Squirrel is what I typically use, however you are right it really doesn’t matter as long as there is some spike to it and a color that compliments the fly.

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