Gilbert Rowley

I can’t remember the first fish I ever caught, but it wasn’t with a fly, and it wasn’t on a river, I’m sure of that. I can still remember my first fly caught river fish, and I remember thinking that was the coolest experience ever. Since then an addiction has developed. I now spend more days than I care to admit on the rivers of the western US. The majority of my fishing occurs right here in the state of Utah, where the publicity of my favorite rivers is small, and the trout are large and plentiful.

As my knowledge and addiction have grown, fly tying easily became an additional appendage to my hobby. With that in mind Derek and myself started Fly Tying 123 as a way to share that which we have found to be useful and enjoyable. Whether its tying to refill one of my fly boxes, or tying specific patterns for an upcoming trip, there are always more flies to tie. I hope you enjoy our site, and find it useful in helping out with your tying and fly fishing adventures.


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  • Matt McTammany:

    Good morning, Gilbert. I am a biology professor at Bucknell University who specializes in ecology of aquatic insects. I came across your diagrams of aquatic insect life cycles and would like to use them for a poster display at an interactive booth on aquatic insects at an upcoming alumni event. Would you consent to my reproducing the aquatic insect life cycle diagrams you created on a poster for this event? The event is open to the public but will primarily include Bucknell alumni, students, faculty, and staff and their families. My booth will include live and preserved specimens of aquatic insects and freshwater mussels from around central PA to focus on life in streams and rivers. I would greatly appreciate your consent to share these beautiful diagrams. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you… Matt

  • dgtying:


    Sorry for the delayed response. Feel free to use them as you desire. Sounds like a cool project! If you have a completed picture of your poster/booth I’d love to see what you put together.


  • Zachary Leifson:

    Gilbert! Loving the stuff you post!

  • Hello Gilbert,
    I came across your lifecycle diagrams and would love to use them for a display in a Fly Fishing Discovery Center I am putting together for Montana Whitewater on the Gallatin River in Montana. Also wondering if you have, or know where to get, life cycle diagrams for Stoneflies and Midges. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any info. Thanks a bunch!

    Alex Sweeney
    Fly Fishing Manager
    Montana Whitewater

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