BWO Iron Lotus Fly

Since trying out the PMD Iron Lotus a few months ago, it has caught fish consistently on many different rivers. It is a great mayfly imitation. Last week I pumped a few fish stomachs and noticed that trout are beginning to feed heavily on Baetis (BWO) nymphs once again. Fall temps have cooled things off and BWO nymphs have become much more active. The BWO Iron Lotus (pictured above) has already been hammering fish, and I am sure it will continue as more BWOs nymphs continue to mature.

Iron Lotus fly tying instructional tutorial here

Hook: Dai- Rikii 135 (sizes 16-20)
Bead: Gold Tungsten to match hook size
Thread: Red 8/0
Tail: Partridge
Abdomen: Brown Olive Thread
Rib: White Thread
Glue for abdomen: Loon’s Hard Head Fly Finish Clear
Wingcase: Black Thinskin
Thorax: Synthetic Peacock Dubbing

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