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Review of the Renzetti 2000 Presentation

When I first got into tying, I was lucky enough to have a father in law with an old vise to lend me.  This was good for me as my wife didn’t want to spend the money.  She kept telling me over and over again that she didn’t believe that I would stick to tying flies…. I had to show her!!  After a few months of tying, I had proved that I would stick with it and I started looking around at vices.  I was drawn to a Regal stainless steel jaws vice, as it looked like a vice of high quality, and the price looked great as well!  I was intrigued by the rotary vices, but I was hesitant because of the prices.  I ended up with the regal vice, and I loved it.  In the meantime, Gilbert ended up finding a Renzetti rotary vice.  I always joked around that I didnt need or want the rotary, but I was jealous!

I finally convinced my wife that I “had to have” the rotary vice.  I sold my regal and wound up buying the Renzetti Presentation 2000.  It is a great vice, and I keep wondering to myself why I didnt make this decision years ago!  I have been able to tie flies faster, and I will only get better at utilizing the rotary feature.

There is one thing that I had to do to get this particular vice working for me.  It comes standard with a ratcheting feature.  I did not like this at all.  It makes it so you can only rotate your flies one way.  It was already driving me crazy after one fly!  Luckily, this can be reversed.  There is a small black nut located on the very end on the outside of the big silver knob (see #1 on picture).  After loosening this screw, simply tighten the big silver screw that it screwed into, and then tighten the little black screw back up and the ratcheting feature will be disabled.  This will then allow you rotate your vice in either direction.

Another nice feature with this vice is the ability to change the angle of the jaws.  This will allow you to quickly change the angle as you switch between different sized hooks and maintain a level hook while using the rotary feature (see #2 on picture below).

The Jaws hold hooks without slipping.  I have tied some flies on hooks ranging from sizes 6-22, with only a quick adjustment of the screw on the end of the jaws before using the cam to lock the hook into place and I have not had any problems.

ren. presentation 2000
ren. presentation 2000


Overall, I love this new vice.  It is easy to tell after using it that it is a high quality vice.  If you have’t tied with a rotary vice, I highly recommend it.  It has helped me tie flies faster, with a higher quality.  Being able to rotate the fly around as you tie allows you to see the fly at all angles to ensure a good tie.  You will not be disappointed if you upgrade to this vice!

I look forward to tying many heavy, tungsten beads euro nymphs that are sure to catch many a fish!!!

Derek Kohler – (aka fish catcher)



HUGE Discount on Fly Fishing/Tying Supplies

We all like to support our local fly shops right? Well, my local fly shop is making things really easy for everyone to support them. They are having some huge sales right now. There is a new group of owners running the shop and they are looking to move a lot of inventory in the next few weeks so they can revamp the entire store.

Huge Fly Fishing Sale

I’m not kidding when I say it’s a huge sale, 50 cent flies, and ALL fly tying supplies are 60% off right now. I loaded up this week on hooks, tungsten scud bodies, loon fly paint, and tons of other materials.

Simms Guide Boot Sale

They are selling last year’s model Guide Boot for 40% off. I have a pair of these, and they have been my favorite boots I’ve ever owned. They only have a few sizes left so I thought I’d post a picture.

Here is what Andy, one of the new owners has to say about their sale:

Roundrocks Flyfishing Spring Cleaning / Gear Up Sale:
– .50 Flies
– 60% off all fly-tying supplies
– 25-45% off rods, reels, waders, boots (some exclusions apply)
– 40-50% off all accessories, leaders, tippets
– 30-50% off fly lines
– Several in-store specials, including a clearance table where everything is just $1!
– For every $50 you spend in the store per day, you are entered once in a drawing for a free Sage One rod!  Drawing held at the end of the month.
This sale is for all of February, but don’t wait too long, at these prices the gear will move pretty fast!
If you are in the Logan, Utah area make sure and stop by. If you are in the Salt Lake area it might be worth a trip up here, especially if you stick around and fish the Logan. If not, their website is These sales are not listed on their website, but all their products are. I’d check out what they have online and give them a call at 1-800-992-8774 to order. They are open to assisting anyone interested in this sale. Now is your chance to stock up on all sorts of fly fishing gear. Believe it or not, I’m not getting anything for saying all this. They are a great group of guys trying to make things happen, and its definitely worth checking out!


Temporary Sale!

We have received a lot of good feedback from people who have order and fished our products. This is a great deal, and an excellent way to either get started Euro Nymphing, or up your game with these great products. We only have a few Fast Packs left, so if you are interested, don’t delay! Order today!

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