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Euro Nymphing Fly Box: Dragon Warrior

This is the first fly in which will be a series of flies that you will find in our European nymphing fly boxes. We will explain which hook and tungsten bead sizes we use.

I wanted to start with the Dragon Warrior for a few reasons: it’s one of our favorites, it catches fish like crazy, and because I just watched Kung fu Panda 2 just the other day. This fly was originally created to match the color combination of Po (flabby panda!). We have been fishing it for about a couple years now and it has produced fish in every river that we have fished it. It is very effective in french style nymphing in the smaller sizes(16 and 18).


Here are the sizes that we carry with us to every river:
Size 16 with a 3/32(2.5mm) tungsten bead
Size 18 with a 5/64(2.0mm) tungsten bead

You could try some other larger or smaller sizes but these two sizes have been perfect for us. Check out our fly tying tutorial of the Dragon Warrior to learn how to tie it.  You wont be sorry.  Tie it up in the two sizes we mentioned and make sure you have plenty of them.

I also make sure I have plenty of Rainbow Warriors.  This is the same fly but with a pearl tinsel as the abdomen instead of a black holographic tinsel.  I carry these in the same sizes I mentioned above for the Dragon Warrior.  Refer to our video of the Rainbow Warrior for additional tying instructions.


Rainbow Warrior Variation- Dragon Warrior

Click here for the Tutorial

Here is a variation of another Lance Egan pattern for you. He has created some fantastic patterns, and this one is no exception. The Dragon Warrior is the same as his “Rainbow Warrior” but is tied with black holographic flashabou instead of pearl flashabou for the abdomen. This is an easy, but effective pattern. Have fun tying these, and fishing with them!

Iron Lotus Fly Tutorial

Click here for Iron Lotus Tutorial

As promised, here are step by step instructions on tying the Iron Lotus. It is a very effective mayfly nymph imitation. Utah fly fishing guides have had a lot of success fishing this pattern this summer, and I’m sure it will catch fish on your home waters as well. Tie some up and let us know how they work for you.

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