Spring Flies

Mayfly-Fly Fisherman’s Favorite Bug

Within a quarter mile from where I live runs the Logan River. Despite the crazy number of mosquitos that appear each summer, there are many pro’s to living near a great trout stream. There is the obvious quick stroll to river for an evening of fishing, but also for a nerdy fly fisherman who likes bugs (well, the kind of bugs that fish eat) I enjoy the reappearance of certain insects each spring. I think my neighbors think I’m a little nuts for walking around my house with my camera taking pictures of what must look like the exterior walls of my house, but it’s actually awesome tiny critters that I’m shooting. Here are some of my favorite shots from the past couple springs. Let me know which is your favorite in the comment section below.



Blue Wing Olive-Green




Rod Reflections-Mayfly




Mayfly Meet SAGE








IMG_7618 - Version 2


If you don’t mind, leave the number of your favorite pic in the comment section below.




Black Jack- Fly Tying Instructions

The Black Jack has been such a dominant fly for me the past three years that I had to share it with my friends. If you tie, which I’m guessing most of you do, then here is a quick fly tying video that shows the few basic steps to tying the Black Jack. If you don’t tie then keep an eye out for these to appear in fly shops around the country. This is one of my patterns that is now being commercially tied and distributed by Rainy’s Flies. I’m not sure whether its the tungsten bead, the slim profile, or the contrasting colors that make this fly irresistible  But what I do know is that it works!

My two favorite color variations are the black and fl. pink, and the black and chartreuse. I’d be lying if I didn’t say the pink variation out fishes the chartreuse most days, but on occasion the results are flip flopped so I keep my box loaded with both.

Hook: Umpqua C300BL, or Dai-Riki 135 (Sizes 12-16)
Bead: Black/Nickel Tungsten
Weight: Lead Wire
Thread: Black UTC 140 Denier
Tail: Black Goose Biot
Rib: Fl. Pink/Chartreuse (depending on variation) UTC 140 Denier
Glue for Body: Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails
Colar (Hot Spot): Fl. Pink/Chartreuse (depending on variation) UTC 70 Denier
Wings: White Goose Biot

Rainbow Warrior Fly Pattern Video

The Rainbow Warrior is a colorful nymph that catches fish on most rivers and streams. It was developed by Fly Fishing Team USA’s Lance Egan and has since become a favorite of many anglers. This fly works great year round, and I always make sure there are a few in the fly box before I go out. If your not familiar with this pattern, take my word, its amazing!

Hook: Dai-Riki 135, Tiemco 2457, or Daiichi 1130 Sizes 16-22
Bead: Silver tungsten to match the hook
Thread: Red 8/0
Tail: 4-6 Pheasant tail fibers
Abdomen: Large pearl tinsel for 16 and 18, and medium for 20 and 22
Thorax: Wapsi Rainbow Sow Scud Dubbing
Wingcase: Same pearl tinsel as abdomen

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