Successful Flies

Peeking Caddis (Jig Hook)

Here is another simple, yet effective pattern.  This is a peeking caddis tungsten nymph.  I started fishing this pattern just over a year ago and it has been a great producer.  The more I have been fishing with jig hook nymphs, the more I have been liking them.  Since they ride hook point up, you can add more weight without the worry of snagging on the bottom.  Without the worry of snagging the bottom, you can really go deep with these types of nymphs while fishing the European nymphing techniques.

I originally tied this pattern up to help me imitate some mothers day caddis hatches.  This fly really works in the springtime and is a go to pattern that time of year, but I have also been using this fly as a general attractor nymph.  I have since bought some pearl core braid in other bright colors that include orange and pink, and plan to fish these colors in the upcoming winter.

Get out and fish these flies!  TIGHT LINES!


Hook: Jig style nymph size 14
Bead: Slotted Tungsten size 2.7-3.5mm
Body: Blend of SLF squirrel dubbing(natural, brown, black, and olive)
Rib: 4X Monofilament tippet
Legs: CDC in dubbing loop
Peeking caddis: Pearl core braid in chartreuse (also use pink, yellow, orange, and tan) 

Euro Nymphing Fly Box: Dragon Warrior

This is the first fly in which will be a series of flies that you will find in our European nymphing fly boxes. We will explain which hook and tungsten bead sizes we use.

I wanted to start with the Dragon Warrior for a few reasons: it’s one of our favorites, it catches fish like crazy, and because I just watched Kung fu Panda 2 just the other day. This fly was originally created to match the color combination of Po (flabby panda!). We have been fishing it for about a couple years now and it has produced fish in every river that we have fished it. It is very effective in french style nymphing in the smaller sizes(16 and 18).


Here are the sizes that we carry with us to every river:
Size 16 with a 3/32(2.5mm) tungsten bead
Size 18 with a 5/64(2.0mm) tungsten bead

You could try some other larger or smaller sizes but these two sizes have been perfect for us. Check out our fly tying tutorial of the Dragon Warrior to learn how to tie it.  You wont be sorry.  Tie it up in the two sizes we mentioned and make sure you have plenty of them.

I also make sure I have plenty of Rainbow Warriors.  This is the same fly but with a pearl tinsel as the abdomen instead of a black holographic tinsel.  I carry these in the same sizes I mentioned above for the Dragon Warrior.  Refer to our video of the Rainbow Warrior for additional tying instructions.


Prince Kohler

Here is another Prince variation for you.  This pattern came about by using proven patterns, like the prince nymph, and using some different materials to make it a little different.  This pattern has worked well in the french style euro nymphing when some baetis are hatching in a size 16.  It has been a very effective pattern year round and I know you won’t be disappointed if you tie it up!

Hook: Scud size 12-16
Bead: Silver tungsten to match hook
Tail: Black biots
Abdomen: Peacock herl
Rib: Small silver wire
Wing: White Biots
Collar/thorax: Olive and peacock ice dubbing mixed together.

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