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Along with our blog here, we have added a facebook page (check it out Here). We include fishing reports and tips from our most recent fishing trips. Go check out our most recent reports and other useful information on our facebook page and  Merry Christmas everyone!

Derek & Gilbert

The New Fly Tying & Fishing Tips Page

We hope you are enjoying our fly tying blog so far.  We have now added another page…the tips page.  We have two tips to get it started so far and hope that the tips we give you will make your tying and fishing more enjoyable, and successful. Go check it out!  Click Here to go the tips page.

Derek and Gilbert

Stonefly Nymph Migration in Progress

Anyone that has ever fished the salmonfly hatch knows the craziness that awaits us in another few weeks. I filmed the above salmonfly adults last year during the hatch as they cruised the foliage. Each year on streams where they reside, large prehistoric sized bugs buzz around all sides of you, with an occasional touchdown on your neck or arms which can give you the heebie-jeebies if you have even the slightest fear of crawling things. It is impossible to fish a river where this hatch occurs and not notice this event. Lucky for us the trout notice it too, and often gorge themselves for weeks on salmonfly adults. What a lot of folks don’t realize is that the salmonfly feast begins weeks before the first adults start to emerge. Salmonfly nymphs become very active and start migrating toward shore as summer and approaches. This occurs regularly during the first weeks of May. During their migration many nymphs become dislodged and large numbers of salmonfly nymphs are consumed by trout during this period. This is happening right now! Trout are going bonkers over large nymphs as the salmonfly hatch draws nearer. Last Saturday my friend Brad and I fished a local stream that is home to a solid stock of salmonflies. We fished for a few hours and caught many fish, all on the Rowley Stone. This is a great time to nymph with large heavy flies for hungry fish, so tie them up now!

If you live in Utah and want to have a lot of fun fly fishing the salmonfly migration and hatch, you need to contact Justin at Utah Pro Fly Fishing to book a trip. I am guiding for him this summer also, and both him and I would love to take you fishing during this fun time of year. This is the only time all year that these giants become so active that trout feed almost nonstop on them. Don’t miss out, you don’t want to have to wait around another year for this!

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