Learn specific characteristics of the four major aquatic invertebrate families preferred by trout by clicking on the links below!


Mayflies ephemeroptera

Here you will learn the different life stages of mayflies and some basic entomology. Familiarize yourself with the specific characteristics of mayfly nymphs, duns, and spinners. Trout eat mayflies all year long, so its best to learn what’s on the menu before you hit the river.

Stoneflies plecoptera

Stoneflies offer large morsels to trout year round. Learn more about the stonefly life cycle, and be able to recognize stonefly nymphs and adults on your own home waters!

Midges diptera

Members of the midge family may be small, but they make up for their size with their huge numbers. They are available to trout year round, so being familiar with their appearance and life-cycle may come in handy. Just remember they look like mosquitos, except they don’t bite.

Caddis trichoptera

All the life stages of caddis are loved by trout. Learn more about each of the caddis life stages here.

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