Stonefly Life Stages

Order: Plecoptera

Stoneflies spend the majority of their lives in the nymphal stage much like mayflies. After reaching maturity, nymphs climb onto land, where they are safe from trout, and emerge as adults. For the next few weeks stonefly nymphs continue to migrate toward shore and leave their aquatic homes forever. Adults mate while on land and the females return to the water’s surface to deposit their eggs. The returning females are open targets for awaiting fish. Stonefly adults are clumsy fliers and many fall or are blown onto the water’s surface becoming vulnerable to trout.┬áStoneflies can be very large (Salmonflies and Golden Stones), or very small (Winter Stones, and Sallies).┬áStonefly nymphs are available to trout year round, and adult hatches occur during different times of the year depending on the species.

Stonefly Nymph

Stonefly Adult

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