Fish Per Minute- Euro Nymphing

Real time for this video clip is about five minutes. This is a single clip that was shot by my friend Brad a couple of weeks ago while we were fishing the Logan River. I am French Nymphing in this video, using a long leader with a three color HI-VIS sighter (available in our Euro Nymphing Fast Pack). Notice that the leader does not actually lay on the water at all. The key in this style of fishing is to allow your flies to sink and drift at the same speed as the current while keeping a tight connection between your rod tip and your flies. Thus, strike detection is increased drastically when compared to slack line systems (indicator nymphing). This tight line tactic works very well in MANY situations, but keep in mind there is a time and place for all different styles. Learning when to use the appropriate technique is all part of the fun that keeps us returning to the river as often as permitted. Keep tuning in for more videos and tips on Euro Nymphing, my favorite tool in my arsenal!

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