Fly Tying Tutorials

Dragon Warrior

PMD Iron Lotus

Rowley Stone Tutorial

Rainbow Sow Bug Tutorial

Wooly Bugger Tutorial

Green Rock Worm

2 Responses to “Fly Tying Tutorials”

  • Carson wynn:

    I am a beginning fly tiyer. I love the simple instructions and presentations of your tutitorials. It would be helpful if you included the size of the hook along with the brand I.D.. Looking forward to seeing more videos.

  • Hey Carson, glad to hear you are enjoying the videos! The recipe for each pattern, including hook size and type, is provided here on Fly Tying 123. There is a link in the video description that takes you to that page (if you are on YouTube), or simply search for any specific pattern here on Fly Tying 123 and it will pull it up. There are a few videos that we missed, but as we have progressed and gotten better we try hard to make sure this info is included. If there are ever any specific material questions you might have, feel free to email us as well. Thanks again!

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