Green Rock Worm

Caddis larva are available to trout year round. The Green Rock Worm caddis imitation has very few steps, and is a very easy fly pattern to tie. It can be used as a searching nymph, or to match the available food types in a given stream. It is bright and catches the attention of fish, so it can be used effectively as a lead fly in a tandem nymph rig to attract the fish that often will then take the small trailing realistic pattern. However, don’t let that fool you. This pattern represents free-living caddis and takes picky trout on very tough rivers. Here in Utah, Provo River fly fishing guides often tie up and fish this pattern because it is so easy and so effective. Let us know of your success!

Place the bead on the hook and make four wraps of lead and tuck under bead.

Start thread behind lead. Build up a thread base behind the lead to keep it in place. Make a few wraps over lead to secure it, and wrap thread to the bend of the hook.

Tie in a piece of 4X mono to far side of hook. Return thread to bend of hook.

Place dubbing on thread. Keep dubbing tight in preparation to dub the body.

Dub the body of the fly with a slight taper leaving a beads width undubbed for the collar.

Wrap the mono forward making four or five segmented ribs. These wraps aren't very visible, but they help with the durability of the fly.

Apply about an inch of dark hare's ear dubbing to the thread for the collar.

Dub a small collar leaving a slight gap right behind the bead to whip finish the thread.

Whip finish, apply head cement and get ready to catch fish!

Hook: Dai-Riki 135 (Scud Hook) 14-18
Bead: Gold to match hook size: 14: 7/64, 16: 3/32, 18 5/64.
Thread: Dark Olive or any dark thread
Rib: 4X monofilament
Body: Chartreuse Ice Dubbing
Collar: Black Hare’s Ear Dubbing

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