Rainbow Warrior Fly Variation- Dragon Warrior

As you can see, we really like Lance Egan patterns. We have caught a lot of fish this year on flies that he created. The pattern below is a variation of the famous “Rainbow Warrior”, but uses black holographic flashabou instead of pearl tinsel for the abdomen. It got its name from the movie “Kung Fu Panda”, where PO (a flabby panda) became the dragon warrior. Both PO and the dragon warrior pattern share the same color combination (black and white). The dragon warrior in the movie became the hero and this pattern has become our hero more than once while on the river.  We have had a lot of success on this pattern year round, but it seems to work the best from fall till spring.  This fly is very durable and is an easy pattern to tie. Tie some up and give them a try, and let us know how you do with them!

Place the bead and three or four wraps of lead wire on the hook.

Start thread behind lead wire. Build up a thread base behind the lead that will keep it from sliding back. Make a few thread wraps over the lead wire to secure it in place.

Tie in 5 or 6 pheasant tail fibers for a tail. Wrap over them up to the back of the lead. Clip excess.

Tie in a piece of black holographic flashabou near the tail.

Apply glue to thread base from the tail up to the lead wraps.

Wrap the flashabou over the thread and glue for the abdomen.

Tie in a piece of pearl tinsel for the wingcase.

Put dubbing on thread and prepare to dub the thorax.

Dub the thorax.

Pull the pearl tinsel over the dubbing and tie it in directly behind the bead for the wingcase.

Top view of wingcase tied in over the dubbing.

Whip finish, clip thread, and apply head cement to thread collar.

Hook: Scud size 16-20
Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
Bead: Tungsten in silver
Body: Black holographic flashabou
Thorax: Rainbow sow bug from waspi
Wingcase: Pearl tinsel

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