Fly Tying Videos


Black Jack

Bloody Prince, a Prince Nymph Variation

Brassie: Olive Flavor

Czech Nymph


Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear

Green Rock Worm – Caddis Larva Imitation

Hot Spot Hare’s Ear

Lickety Split

Mayday Mayfly

Pay Czech (Woven Nymph)

Peeking Caddis (Jig Hook)

Piggly Wiggly

Pliva Perdigon Nymph – Tied by Devin Olsen

Prince Hare-e

Prince Kohler

Rainbow Sow Bug

Rainbow Warrior

Rowley Stone

Tungsten Cased Caddis

Tungsten Torpedo

Two-toned Surveyor

Vladi Condom Worm

Zebra Midge

12 Responses to “Fly Tying Videos”

  • matt Terwillegar:

    I fish the provo and like to tie – thanks for the new patterns!

  • Darryl Rogers:

    I can not seem to open the previous months.

  • dgtying:

    I’ll look into it, thanks Darryl!

  • Hello, my name is Claudio, searching for videos of tying
    found one of you and for that I found your site, I’m from chile, i
    fish fly about 10 years ago, I make my own flies, I charm your
    page, upload more videos of tied flies.

  • Good stuff here! Need to find a store selling Loon UV Fly Paint, though.

    Looks like the links on the Past Posts are broken. I only tried 3/14, 4/14, 3/15, and 4/15, but each resulted in a 404 (page not found) error. Maybe the files, or the folder containing those files, has been moved to a new location but the web site is still referencing the original location?

  • dgtying:

    Thanks Jim! Sorry the past links aren’t working. I’ll see what I can do to get them back up. Thanks again, and good luck on your search for UV Fly Paint! The Tungsten Embryo is worth the quest!

  • Wondering if you could give some insight on fly boxes. I seem to be carrying around way too many. If you could give some insight on things like; Fly holding capacity, reasonable cost, organization, cool design. What do you use? What box do you have with all those Frenchie’s in your opening video on some of your fly videos?


    Also been using that back foil on my mayfly patterns. It really looks nice. Could you tie up a may fly pattern with the foil?

    Thanks again

    Brad Strong

  • dgtying:

    Without as many details as one could provide, we are truly digging the Tacky boxes. Check them out!

  • Colin Caron:

    How do I subscribe?

  • Jim goslee:

    I love these videos! Keep up the good work

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