Some of you are probably thinking to yourselves, “why are they putting another hares ear video on here?”  Believe me, this is not a normal hares ear.  I first tied this variation up at the start of this last summer and I found myself tying this on the end of my line almost every time I found myself on the water.  It produces fish after fish.  The hot spot dubbing is a UV fluorescent pink ice dubbing that must drive the fish crazy and want to try it out.  This fly even had days where it was outdoing our go-to fly, the two-toned surveyor!  Get some of this UV Fl. pink ice dubbing and tie these up. This fly is a great choice if you euro nymphing as well.

Hook: Scud
Bead: Gold tungsten to fit hook
Abdomen: SLF natural brown squirrel
Thorax: SLF natural brown squirrel
Hot Spot: UV Florescent pink ice dubbing
Wing Case: Black thin skin
Thread: Red
Tail: Coq de Leon


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