Net Back Foil Sold Out

We moved through our first batch of Net Back Foil very quickly. There is more on the way, but it will be up to two weeks before we have more in stock. I’m glad to see others finding value in both the Rowley Stone and the Net Back Foil. We’ll keep you posted!

Temporarily Out of Stock

Net Back Foil - Dark Brown

Polish Woven Nymph

After a couple of years of tying, I was drawn to learn how to weave.  It seemed easy enough…..until I tried!  It took me some time to learn, but now my box is full of these bugs!  They are a durable fly that catch fish!  They are built like a rock, so they sink fast.  The other reason I like these bugs is that there are an endless amount of variations to this fly.  It can be built like a caddis, stonefly, cranefly, or whatever else you can think of.  Please see the pics of some of our favorites variations!

A quick story on this fly, I had been tying this fly and trying it out for a year or so before I finally decided to really give the fly a try on my local river.  The day ended up with two 20″+ browns making their way into my net (along with many other fish!).  I have caught a lot of fish on this river, but nothing over 20″.  It was a memorable day, and I often start the day off with a version of this fly!! (see video below to see story and fish caught with woven nymphs!!)



Woven Polish Nymph Olive Hot Spot Polish Woven Nymph Provo River Woven Nymph Steelhead Woven Nymph

Net Back Foil – FOR SALE here!

We are now selling Net Back Foil here at Fly Tying 123. This is the abdomen and wing case material used to tie the Rowley Stone.

Temporarily Out of Stock

Net Back Foil - Dark Brown

Free Shipping!!!

Also, we have been hunting down affordable quality tungsten beads for years. Keep an eye out, we’ve found a great supplier and will be selling tungsten beads soon!

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