Field Report – Rowley Stone in Central PA

Since posting the fly tying video of the Rowley Stone we’ve received tons of positive feedback from many anglers across the country.

Colby Welshans recently reported form Mill Hall, PA on his recent success using the Rowley Stone:

“Finally got out on the water today with the warm up happening in Central PA.. water was good and the Rowley Stone produced a hefty brown!  Took a few pictures to share with you.  Glad I stumbled across the pattern… knew it would be killer out here.  Thanks again!”

Pennsylvania Brown Trout

Colby has an excellent eye for photography, so if you are looking for great streamside shots check him out on Instagram at @c.j.welshansphotography

Rowley Stone Close Up

We are super excited that other’s are finding success with this pattern as well. If you want to learn how to tie this fly click ROWLEY STONE.

Also, after you tie up some of the flies found on Fly Tying 123 and end up catching some fish, snap some pics and throw them in an email. We’d love to share them!


Iced Caddis Pupa Fly Tying Video

Learn to tie a super effective caddis pupa fly pattern. When caddis are active it is often times hard to get trout to notice anything else. Every angler should have a good selection of caddis imitations on hand whenever hitting the water. This is hand down one of the best pupa imitations out there.
Iced Caddis Pupa

The Provo River here in Utah has some amazing caddis action from late spring to late fall. There are many afternoons that the fish are closed mouth to most everything besides caddis imitations. Caddis pupa are a valuable food source for trout, and they love to key on them when they are active in the water column. Check out this pattern and fill your box, it will more than likely come in hand sometime in the near future if you plan on fishing much at all this year.

Hook: Grub Hook in sizes 10-16
Bead: Tungsten to match hook
Abdomen: Tan Ice Dubbing
Rib: Gold Wire BR Size
Legs: Tan CDC
Thorax: Peacock or your favorite dark dubbing

Net Back Foil Sold Out

We moved through our first batch of Net Back Foil very quickly. There is more on the way, but it will be up to two weeks before we have more in stock. I’m glad to see others finding value in both the Rowley Stone and the Net Back Foil. We’ll keep you posted!

Temporarily Out of Stock

Net Back Foil - Dark Brown

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