Euro Nymphing Sighter

Euro Nymphing Sighter (2 pack) $4.95

This is a straight line nylon sighter used for all styles of European Nymphing. For basic leader construction visit

2 Responses to “Euro Nymphing Sighter”

  • Steve Morley:

    I used this sighter with great success on the Madison river until a large trout broke me off. Can you tell me what the breaking strength of the bottom section is and can you make a heaver weight sighter?

  • dgtying:

    Hey Steve, great question. For trout I use a three section sighter that starts at 10 lb test, then 8 lb, then 6 lb. I use those weights based on the diameter of the line, not necessarily the strength. I have not have any trouble landing large trout in heavy water with this setup.

    I also french nymph for stealhead. I use a much heavier sighter when targeting them. I use a two section sighter that is 15 lb on top, and 12 lb on bottom. I have caught up to 34″ steelhead with this rig and it hasn’t given me any troubles either.

    If you are concerned about the strength of your sighter you can easily change it to a heavier (larger diameter) line, it may not turn your nymphs over as well, but it will fish much the same.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.


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