Fly Assortments

Below are a few fly selections that are our top picks for specific situations and waters. Like all our flies, they are hand tied by us, made to be durable, and catch fish like crazy! The only flies that make it into these fly boxes are tried and true patterns that will work for you.

We even throw in a $40 fly box for free, so don’t miss out on this great deal!

123 Greatest Hits Fly Box

A combination of small stream and large river nymphs that will cover your bases for any situation. If I only had one fly box this would be it!

Provo River Fly Box

The Provo River is one of our home waters, but these flies will also catch fish in technical situations on any river including tailwaters. Watch our picky fish!

Tungsten Nymph Fly Box

Heavy flies that catch heavy fish! For serious nymphing tungsten is better, no question about it. This is a selection of our favorite flies used for Euro and other nymphing techniques.

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