123 Greatest Hits Fly Box

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This box contains 123 of our favorite fish catching nymph patterns. There are over a dozen different patterns tied in a variety of sizes to ensure that you will have the right fly for every situation you encounter. We include mayfly, stonefly, caddis, and midge imitations, along with some of the best searching nymphs ever designed. It truly is a nymph fisherman’s dream come true to find all these patterns in a single box!
Not to mention theĀ free $40 fly box that we throw in to hold these amazing flies!

123 Greatest Hits Fly Box- $179

Flies Included:

Frenchie (Pink) (Sizes 14,16)
Frenchie (Olive) (Sizes 14,16)
Frenchie (Lavendar) (Sizes 14,16)
Two-toned Surveyor (Sizes 12,14)
Iron Lotus (PMD) (Sizes 14,16,18)
Iron Lotus (BWO) (Sizes 18,20,22)
Rowley Stone (Sizes 6,8)
Golden Stone (Sizes 6,8)
Green Rock Worm (Sizes 14,16)
Cased Caddis (Size 14)
Zebra Midge (Two-toned red and black) (Sizes 18,20,22)
Necktie Zebra Midge (Lavendar) (Sizes 18,20,22)
Dragon Warrior (Sizes 18,20,22)
Rainbow Warrior (Sizes 18,20,22)
San Juan Worm (Brown and Red)
Rainbow Sow Bug (Sizes 16, 18)

One Response to “123 Greatest Hits Fly Box”

  • Blake Andrews:


    This is Blake Andrews. I met on on the logan river a week and a half ago.
    I just checked out the video on how to tie the black jack (I think I might be holding the fish in the pic for you). Anyway, I”ve just tied some up, as well as some tungsten surveyors and are going to be trying them this afternoon in the snow.

    My river project is coming along nicely, and I should have some good photos some time soon.
    If your interested I’ll forward some to you if you will forward your email.

    I’ve been checking out fly tying 123 for some time now, but didn’t realize that you were the brains behind it. Thanks for sharing the info.

    Blake Andrews

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