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Butano Nymph Fly Tying Video – Tactical Fly Fisher

Devin Olsen is one of the leading competitive fly anglers in the world. Recently he put together this video with fly tying instructions for one of his most productive nymphs. I can attribute most of what I have learned about Euro Nymphing to Devin and he has never lead me astray. For this reason, I highly recommend this video, and if you are searching for any of the materials used on this pattern, they are all for sale on his website The Tactical Fly Fisher.

Frenchie fly pattern

For this pattern, we are going to give credit where its due because this fly catches fish like crazy and one of our favorites.  Anytime we get to new water, or just plain want to catch fish, we tie on this pattern.  It’s easy to tie and very effective.  Lance Egan came up with the pattern and Devin Olsen introduced it to us.  I personally make sure I have plenty of these flies in my fly box at all times.  Gilbert often drools at the site of my fly box when he opens it up to see LOTS of frenchies!  Tie lots of these and experiment with some different colors of dubbing for the collar to suit your needs and find the most effective color for your own waters and please, let us know just how many fish you catch with this pattern.  You will not be disappointed!!!



hook: scud hook size 14-18
bead: gold or copper tungsten
tail: coq de leon or your favorite tailing material
abdomen: natural pheasant tail
rib: copper wire size br
collar: hot pink ice dubbing, or your favorite dubbing of any color



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