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French Nymphing for Steelhead

Euro Nymphing Steelhead from OutsmartingFish on Vimeo.

We sincerely apologize for the long break. Between moving, starting a new job, and trying to get the family settled in, time has been sparse… to say the least.

We wanted to kick off our return to blogging with something great. I decided that a newish concept that delivers HUGE results would be a great place to pick back up. Phil Tuttle, Bart Caley, and myself made the above video on a trip to the Salmon river in Idaho where we utilized  European Nymphing methods to catch Steelhead. Sounds crazy right? Well, the results are in and it WORKS! Once again I can thank Devin Olsen of Fly Fishing Team USA  for teaching me the concepts used to catch these fish.

WARNING: These steelhead, like the neighbors cat, were not speyed. If this offends you, sorry… this videos probably not for you. Tight lines to all!


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