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Top 5 Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffers

As a kid growing up, our stockings were always filled with random odds and ends often including candy, .22 bullets, and personal hygiene items. Apparently Santa knew I had a sweet tooth, BO, and a fondness for shooting. Now all I desire are items relating to fly fishing, and candy of course… I never grew out of that 🙂 Oh, and I’m old enough now to realize I need deodorant and toothpaste more than once a year. Anyway, here are five items that would be very useful is stuffing an anglers stocking. I realize that most houses may be similar to mine whereas the angler is not often the one stuffing the stockings, so forward this to Santa, or whomever else may stuff your stocking.

In order of  least expensive to greatest…

#1 Streamside Guides to Fly Fishing $2.95 Each

Here are two stream side fold-outs that explain the world of aquatic insects in vivid images. Simple, easy to understand, and immediately applicable in almost every trout fishing situation. Designed for beginner to intermediate level anglers, and even seasoned pros find the pocket-sized pamphlets very useful. They capture the world of dry flies in  Adult Aquatic Insects, and  focuses on nymphs in Aquatic Insects, Part 2. If it fits in a vest pocket it will fit in a stocking! Order online here.

#2 Aussie Nippers $8.95

Nippers are  one tool that I use over and over every time I fish. I recently purchased Fishponds Aussie Cippers and found them to be surprisingly awesome. Their razor sharp blade cuts through thick leader material and fine tippit all the same. They are half the cost of most quality nippers, and in my opinion they out perform most. They can be purchased directly from Fishpond, or from your local fly shop.

#3 Landing Net Magnet $12.95

There is not much more annoying than an uncontrolled net dangling and catching up on everything in sight. A simple and convenient solution is a magnet set for your net. Another inexpensive item that makes a huge difference on the river. I’ve been using this system for a few years now, and I don’t know how I ever lived without! Once again your local fly shop will carry these, or you can purchase them online from Sportsman’s Warehouse here.

#4 Polarized Glasses $19.95-$150.00

Fishing success often lies with how well you can see the stream bottom. This helps determine depth and speed of the current, and often times helps locate individual fish to sight fish to. Undoubtedly one of the most essential items that every fly fisher should have with them on every outing. Prices vary greatly, but I suggest SUNCLOUD Profile as a great item that is well priced around $49.95. Its what I use, and I have been very content with them. The brand is not as important as the color of lenses. Make sure to get copper or rose colored lenses for freshwater fly fishing.

#5 Underwater Digital Camera ~ $200.00

This is hands down one of the coolest accessories an angler can have. Not only does it take great everyday pics and videos, but it is waterproof and extremely durable. I use an Olympus, but many companies are now making adventure style cameras that are ideal to carry while fishing. No matter if its raining, or if  you take a clumsy spill in a slippery river this camera will continue taking great shots of all your greatest catches!

All of these items are found in your local fly shops or online, and will surely make great stocking stuffers for any avid or beginning fly fisher.

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