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Mayfly-Fly Fisherman’s Favorite Bug

Within a quarter mile from where I live runs the Logan River. Despite the crazy number of mosquitos that appear each summer, there are many pro’s to living near a great trout stream. There is the obvious quick stroll to river for an evening of fishing, but also for a nerdy fly fisherman who likes bugs (well, the kind of bugs that fish eat) I enjoy the reappearance of certain insects each spring. I think my neighbors think I’m a little nuts for walking around my house with my camera taking pictures of what must look like the exterior walls of my house, but it’s actually awesome tiny critters that I’m shooting. Here are some of my favorite shots from the past couple springs. Let me know which is your favorite in the comment section below.



Blue Wing Olive-Green




Rod Reflections-Mayfly




Mayfly Meet SAGE








IMG_7618 - Version 2


If you don’t mind, leave the number of your favorite pic in the comment section below.




Fish Per Minute- Euro Nymphing

Real time for this video clip is about five minutes. This is a single clip that was shot by my friend Brad a couple of weeks ago while we were fishing the Logan River. I am French Nymphing in this video, using a long leader with a three color HI-VIS sighter (available in our Euro Nymphing Fast Pack). Notice that the leader does not actually lay on the water at all. The key in this style of fishing is to allow your flies to sink and drift at the same speed as the current while keeping a tight connection between your rod tip and your flies. Thus, strike detection is increased drastically when compared to slack line systems (indicator nymphing). This tight line tactic works very well in MANY situations, but keep in mind there is a time and place for all different styles. Learning when to use the appropriate technique is all part of the fun that keeps us returning to the river as often as permitted. Keep tuning in for more videos and tips on Euro Nymphing, my favorite tool in my arsenal!

Fly Fishing Tip

The tip today comes from an experience I had just a week ago while on one of my favorite rivers. Shortly after getting to the river, I started to get my flies wet. While I was bringing in just my third fish of the day, I heard something snap. This is not a sound that any fisherman wants to hear. A small piece of the third section of my rod broke. This made it almost impossible for the rod to go back together. Now this could have been a great story if I had been fighting a big fish….but it was only 7-8 inches long:(

Lucky for me on this day, I had my wise brother-in-law with me. When he saw what had happened, he said he had an idea to get my pole to work for the rest of the day. He proceeded to take one section of his rod apart and show me that the exact same part of his pole had broken off about a year ago, but had been able to keep fishing with it. Now this is where the tip comes into play. He had kept his rod together with HONEY!!!! After showing me this, we grabbed a granola bar that had at least a little honey in it and I smothered it on the broken end and put the rod back together. I went on to catch many fish that day and my pole stayed together!!!

So on your next fishing trip, make sure you have something that has honey in it, just in case you need to use it…..just might save your trip to the river!!!! ;)


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