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Net Back Foil is Back!

Net Back Foil In StockNet Back Foil is back! We’d like to thanks everyone for their patience, the process of acquiring this material proved to be tougher than originally planned.

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If you aren’t familiar with this product already, it is similar to Thin Skin, but with a unique pattern that allows for creating awesome segmented bodies, and wing pads. Every nymph tyer should have this fly tying material at their desk.

The Rowley Stone is a good example of a pattern that uses this material. Learn  to tie it here

Rowley Stone Catching Brown TroutGolden Rowley Stone

Wet Rowley Stone

Net Back Foil – FOR SALE Here!

We are now selling Net Back Foil here at Fly Tying 123. This is the abdomen and wing case material used to tie the Rowley Stone.

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Net Back Foil - Dark Brown

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Also, we have been hunting down affordable quality tungsten beads for years. Keep an eye out, we’ve found a great supplier and will be selling tungsten beads soon!

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