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Some of you are probably thinking to yourselves, “why are they putting another hares ear video on here?”  Believe me, this is not a normal hares ear.  I first tied this variation up at the start of this last summer and I found myself tying this on the end of my line almost every time I found myself on the water.  It produces fish after fish.  The hot spot dubbing is a UV fluorescent pink ice dubbing that must drive the fish crazy and want to try it out.  This fly even had days where it was outdoing our go-to fly, the two-toned surveyor!  Get some of this UV Fl. pink ice dubbing and tie these up. This fly is a great choice if you euro nymphing as well.

Hook: Scud
Bead: Gold tungsten to fit hook
Abdomen: SLF natural brown squirrel
Thorax: SLF natural brown squirrel
Hot Spot: UV Florescent pink ice dubbing
Wing Case: Black thin skin
Thread: Red
Tail: Coq de Leon


New Sow Bug Tutorial

Check out the new Rainbow Sow Bug Tutorial. It is easy to tie, and it catches fish everywhere that sow bugs and trout live together.

[cincopa 10579987]

Here is a slideshow of a few fish caught recently using rainbow sow bugs. Trust me, all these fish, even the hogs really were caught on rainbow sow bugs.

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