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Zebra Midge Medley

February is finally upon us. Trout have been keying on midges and will continue to do so. These three midges are all going to catch fish this spring, so make sure you have these variations in your fly box from sizes 18-26 and you will not be disappointed.

hook- scud sizes 18-26
Body: 8/0 thread in black, olive, red and other colors
rib: ultrawire
Glue: coat the entire fly with fly tyers glue for durability
For necktie zebras add a thorax of ice dubbing.

Green Rock Worm- Caddis Imitation

Hook: Any Scud Hook; Sizes 14-20
Bead: Gold color, brass or tungsten to match hook size
Thread: Dark Olive 8/0
Abdomen: Chartreuse Ice Dubbing
Rib: 4x monofillament
Collar: Black Hare’s Ear Dubbing
For the last few weeks the Lower Provo River has been fishing well, and one of the hottest patterns has been the Green Rock Worm.  I tie this pattern with chartreuse ice dubbing for the abdomen, with a 4x mono rib, and black hare’s ear dubbing for the collar, although any dark dubbing will work great. It is a very quick tie that produces results. Sizes 16 and 18 have been working great on the picky Provo River fish, but larger sizes will undoubtedly work on other rivers and streams where the fish see less pressure. The clients I have been guiding lately have caught many of their largest fish on this pattern, and I’m confident you will too.

Two-toned Surveyor

The famous Hare’s Ear pattern has been around forever.  Lots of people have fished with it and caught fish on it.  As any fly tyer knows, it’s entertaining to try new materials, different colors of dubbing, or anything new that comes into the market.  The Two-toned Surveyor came about after we had heard about the surveyor nymph, which is tied with a light color of rainbow dubbing for the abdomen and thorax.  We fished with it, and had some good luck with it.  After having found a darker shade of rainbow dubbing, we tried it out and tied this varition.  In my opinion, it has been more effective than the surveyor, and has been very effective on the lower Provo River this spring.  It has become a must in any fly box.  Tie some of these up in different sizes and give them a try on your favorite trout steam.

Hook: Scud hook in sizes 10-18
Bead: Silver, size to match your hook size
Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
Abdomen: Light rainbow sow bug dubbing
Thorax: Dark rainbow sow bug dubbing
Wing Case: Med. size pearl mylar, thinskin
Rib: Silver BR wire

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