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Rainbow Warrior Fly Pattern Video

The Rainbow Warrior is a colorful nymph that catches fish on most rivers and streams. It was developed by Fly Fishing Team USA’s Lance Egan and has since become a favorite of many anglers. This fly works great year round, and I always make sure there are a few in the fly box before I go out. If your not familiar with this pattern, take my word, its amazing!

Hook: Dai-Riki 135, Tiemco 2457, or Daiichi 1130 Sizes 16-22
Bead: Silver tungsten to match the hook
Thread: Red 8/0
Tail: 4-6 Pheasant tail fibers
Abdomen: Large pearl tinsel for 16 and 18, and medium for 20 and 22
Thorax: Wapsi Rainbow Sow Scud Dubbing
Wingcase: Same pearl tinsel as abdomen

Rainbow Warrior Variation- Dragon Warrior

Click here for the Tutorial

Here is a variation of another Lance Egan pattern for you. He has created some fantastic patterns, and this one is no exception. The Dragon Warrior is the same as his “Rainbow Warrior” but is tied with black holographic flashabou instead of pearl flashabou for the abdomen. This is an easy, but effective pattern. Have fun tying these, and fishing with them!

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