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Summer’s End- Quick RECAP

Today was the first day since warmer times that I had to scrape my windshield to clear the frost. That accompanied by the fact that its now November, caused me to reflect on this past summer and the many fishing adventures I had. The summer kicked off chasing tiger muskie in a nearby lake. I landed my two biggest tigers this year (both are shown in the video above). My son also got into some great bluegill and bass fishing at the same lake while I was chasing muskie.

As the water temp warmed I switched gears and returned to targeting trout. It didn’t take long before my weekends were spent guiding on Utah’s fine Provo River.

That’s not to say I didn’t do some fishing of my own. Wyoming quickly became the state of exploration as I ventured into the southwest corner of the Cowboy state.

Derek even managed a trip up there with me. It proved to be one of our best trips this year.

On one occasion I fished a small stream that a friend of mine had once told me held large cutties that would hit a mouse pattern during the day. His stories proved to be true.

This year was a landmark year for my son. On one trip to Wyoming he caught his first fish on a fly that he tied himself. A stringy black and orange bugger with a white wing. It was the first cast of the day, and the only fish he caught that trip. I was one proud daddy. Not bad for a 5 year old!

It was a summer of doubles as well. During one two week period I hooked five doubles. Only two were landed since the other three had very large fish attached to at least one of my flies. Believe it or not, double are not that uncommon while french nymphing.

I only fished a few mountain lakes this past year. Some of the most beautiful fish are often found in remote alpine lakes. This beautiful bonneville cutt is living proof of that.

I bought a new macro lens last year, and this summer was the first time I got to practice shooting aquatic inverts. I was pleased with the way some of them turned out.

As always, I happened into a few bass along the way. Each year I venture out after these creatures more and more. They are a blast on a fly rod!

Derek and I were able to hit the Provo up a few times together. A nymphing paradise with every type of habitat a fish, or a fisherman, could hope to find.

As always, 90% of my fishing was done subsurface with flashy, heavily weighted flies. For most of the river’s I fish, I’m strongly convinced there is no better method for taking trout. I hope every fisherman feels this way about his preferred method of angling.

While deer hunting this year (technically fall, but I’m going to include it in this summer’s recap) I snuck up on a beautiful healthy black bear. This was one of my favorite highlights outside of fishing.

Although summer has past, great fishing has not. Fall is the season of streamers and although I haven’t gotten out near as much as I hoped (I never do :-)) great fishing continues. Tight lines and FISH ON!

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