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“Wide Open” – Official Selection, IF4™ 2016!!!

Yellowfin Tuna Fins 3

This year I took a big step as a filmmaker in the fly fishing industry. I teamed up with saltwater anglers Mark Martin and Alex Beck from Angler’s Eye Media and spent a few days in San Diego putting together a project on fly fishing for tuna. I’m sure tuna will surprise many of you, as I was surprised they are crazy amazing fish, not just found in a can 🙂 We initially had hoped to get the film into one of the industries top film festivals, and I’m happy to say that we accomplished that.

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) has officially selected our film “Wide Open” to be shown around to globe in 2016.

The IF4 kicks off in Denver on January 8th, and will be making a stop in Orem Utah on March 3rd, so if you are in the area save the date! Exciting to say the least!

The full version is right around 14 minutes long and will only be shown in the film festival during 2016. Here is the trailer which I think you will find exciting.

Here is a description of the film:
“In search for what is pound for pound the hardest pulling fish in the ocean, anglers Mark Martin and Alex Beck set out on an adventure in Mark’s home waters off the coast of San Diego, California. Muscle, speed, and adrenaline are the genetic strengths of yellowfin tuna, and could they also experience the tug of the elusive bluefin tuna on the fly? Join them in their adventure of reel screaming, rod bending, heart pounding action to see if tuna really can claim the title of the hardest pulling fish in the saltwater world.”
Yellowfin Tuna
I was surprised at the strength and beauty of these fish. As a trout guy I had no idea how hard saltwater fish can pull, especially tuna.
Tuna on the Fly
Tuna know how to mangle a fly! Thanks to Rainy’s Flies and Salty Fly Tying for some exceptional patterns on our trip. Some of our other awesome sponsors include Dead Weight Fly, Hatch, and Rising.
Dorado Double - Dorado Fly Fishing
Tuna were not the only species that make an appearance on the film. I quickly fell in love with Dorado and am hoping to one day spend more time chasing these fish myself.
San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing
Mark and Alex were a ton of fun to fish and film with. They are great guys, and exceptional guides. Mark owns and runs both San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing, and Tarponville, Cost Rica. While Alex runs The Flats Fly Fishing for permit and other saltwater species. I highly recommend both.
Yellowfin Tuna Fly Fishing
 Although I was there primarily as the filmmaker, I was fortunate to get into my first saltwater fish. Starting with something as powerful as a tuna was the way to go!
 Gilbert Rowley Yellowfin Tuna
I hope you enjoy!

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