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Fly tying tip: Tie lots of flies in the winter!!

Here in Utah, winter finally decided to show up, along with some storms.  Its been extremely cold and windy as of late.  Even if I consider myself a hardcore fly fisherman, there are still days when its time to leave those waders hanging up in the garage and sit down at your vise.  With that said, January is a great month to fill up the spaces in your fly boxes.  Its also a great time to work on some new patterns.  If you have plenty of your confident patterns tied up and ready to fish, you can spend some time tying up some patterns that you have been thinking about tying, but never had time to tie them.

Taking advantage of this cold month to catch up 0n your tying, you won’t have to be always trying to catch up the rest of the year when you are fishing more.

If you love to fly fish, but don’t tie flies yet, this is a fabulous month to get started.  We have plenty of simple, yet effective patterns on our website that will get you started in the right direction, and still catch plenty of fish.

Don’t waste this month away!  Get out on the river when its possible, and get those flies tied up now so you can spend more time on the water when its nice and warm!!!!

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