Two-toned Surveyor Fly Pattern Delivers

Two- toned Surveyor Instructional Video

The Two- toned surveyor is one of my favorite go-to patterns, especially on the middle Provo here in Utah. This fly has done so well recently that at one point today I stopped trying other patterns to accompany my size 12 surveyor because nothing else was catching fish! I then did what any smart fisherman would do and I tied a size 14 surveyor on to trail my size 12. The duo surveyors worked like magic! It even hooked me my biggest fish, to date, on the middle Provo (See picture above). Tie some of these up soon because they will work on most rivers, wherever you fish. I’ve personally caught fish on many different rivers and streams fishing this pattern, it is a fantastic tie.

One more note: I am a fly fishing guide in Utah and I would love to take you on your next fly fishing adventure to the middle Provo or other great streams across our state. Contact Utah Pro Fly Fishing soon for your guided adventure, the fishing here is HOT!

~ Gilbert

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