Vladi Condom Worm – Fly Tying Video

If you ask a kid what fish like to eat, more than likely you will get the response “worms!” Everyone knows that right? Fortunately it’s not tough to wrap a few material on a hook to mimic one of trout’s favorite snacks. However, there are a few tips in this fly tying video that will make tying a latex (condom) worm much easier.
The Vladi Worm is a favorite amongst competition anglers and recreational fly fishers alike. The ease of tying, and the effectiveness on the water make this fly a true winner. One of my favorite applications for the Vladi Worm is on tailwaters where trout are very picky and used to selecting extremely small midges, BWO’s, and scuds. When a healthy morsel the size of a worm passes by many of those picky fish do not hesitate. Thus, rivers such as the Green River below Flaming Gorge, the Provo River, and the San Juan all fish well with worm imitations. In fact, another worm variation, possibly the most popular worm pattern out there was developed on the San Juan and was properly named the “San Juan Worm”. In my opinion the Vladi Worm is a bit more versatile and is typically my first choice of worm imitations.

Vladi Worm Provo River RainbowThere are a few key elements that make the Vladi Worm more appealing to me than the San Juan Worm. First, I primarily fish weighted flies instead of using split shot. I can easily add additional weight to the Vladi and cover it with latex to really help the fly get down. As much as I try to add weight to the San Juan Worm it never seams to function the way I hoped. If you primarily fish indicator rigs with split shot then the San Juan Worm can be deadly. However, the condom worm fishes well in both situations which makes it more appealing to me.

Vladi Worm Provo River Brown

This pattern is often tied on curved or bent hooks that imitate the shape of a worm. The pattern demonstrated here is very similar to how Team USA member Lance Egan ties the Vladi Worm. It utilizes a standard scud hook and very few additional materials. I don’t think the bent hooks hurt any, but I also am not convinced they are necessary. Either way, the techniques and materials used in the above video will work great regardless of the choice of hook.

Vladi Worm Fly Tying InstructionsThe Vladi Worm tied in a variety of weights (each on is discussed on the video above) has a permanent spot in my nymph box. For both Czech Nymphing and Euro Nymphing this fly is often found tied on my rig.

Heavy Nymph Box - Vladi Worm


Hook: Dai-Riki 135 Size 6

Thread (Body): UTC 140 Denier Rusty Brown

Thread (Head): UTC 70 Denier Fl. Pink

Weight: 0.020 Lead, or anodized pink tungsten bead for a super heavy version

Rib: 4X Monofilament

Body: Crown Condom (Pink) cut in a 3/8″ (10mm) strip Buy Here

4 Responses to “Vladi Condom Worm – Fly Tying Video”

  • Pat Kelley:

    Very interesting tie. How many vladi worms can you get form one(1) condom?

  • Adam:

    Tied a few of these up. What’s the durability like without finishing with a uv finish?

  • Depending on how well you manage the use of the condom you can get anywhere from 12-24 flies out of one condom. I usually cut the condom in half so it is then in a straight line, not a circle. Then I cut 3/8″ pieces off while it is still rolled up. Each of those pieces can yield two worms if done how I show in this video. Some guys like their worms a little thicker which would result in one worm per 3/8″ piece.

  • Hey Adam, glad to hear you tied some up. They are very durable without a uv finish as long as you use a mono rib. The latex is very durable. The only time I have ever had a Vladi worm fall apart is when a large trout with sharp teeth finds a way of cutting the mono rib free. This very rarely happens, maybe once in the last year. Usually I just clip off the rib at that point and it is still fishable for quite a while but will eventually fall apart. The odds of this happening are very small, so really I don’t worry about it. It is one of the most durable flies in my box, even without a UV finish.

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