Zebra Midge Medley

February is finally upon us. Trout have been keying on midges and will continue to do so. These three midges are all going to catch fish this spring, so make sure you have these variations in your fly box from sizes 18-26 and you will not be disappointed.

hook- scud sizes 18-26
Body: 8/0 thread in black, olive, red and other colors
rib: ultrawire
Glue: coat the entire fly with fly tyers glue for durability
For necktie zebras add a thorax of ice dubbing.

3 Responses to “Zebra Midge Medley”

  • Paul:

    I really like your midge patterns and look forward to trying your bloody prince on the stream. Nice variation on the original. I tie a midge pupa I call the purple nurple that is similar to your necktie midge, with wine thread, wine glass bead head, rainbow scud dub on the collar, and red krysal flash ribbing that is effective in the winter. I fish the spring creeks in minnesota, and despite the cold winters, the fish are willing to bite even when it’s 5 and 10 degrees.

    Keep up the good work and interesting patterns.


  • dgtying:

    I like the sound of your purple nurple. Sounds nice! I’ll have to give them a try here in Utah. Try the bloody prince, and I doubt you will be disappointed. Thanks for the positive feedback!

  • Darryl Rogers:

    Excellent pattern. It seems the color combos are limitless! No question these flies are great spring flies! Thank you for sharing.

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